Fer-Celik was established by Mr. Feridun Celik in 1980 in the city of Balikesir / Turkey. Fer-Celik initially started its business by manufacturing bicycle forks which was later followed by production of various types of bicycle frames on the growing phase of the company.

Fer-Celik expanded its production range in 2009 by manufacturing Motorbike Frames for leading Turkish Motorbike Manufacturing Companies.  The annual manufacturing capacity reaches to 300.000 frames and 150.000 motorbike frames.                

By considering demand in the market the company invested in the packaging industry. The products of Fer-Celik Packaging consist of carton boards and boxes. The capacity of production and sales took a big jump in 2012 when company had a  new manufacturing site and a new corrugating production line. By the increase in the manufacturing capacity with the new facilities, company gained a competitive advantage to its rivals in terms of quality  and price. Today the production capacity reaches to a capacity of 1200 tonnes per month.  Fer-Celik Packaging has it reputation in the areas of manufacturing boxes and boards for bicycle and automotive manufacturers, plastic and can packaging cold beverages and food industries.

Ercelik Motorcycle Co. was established in 2012 and 2 new model motorcycle has been launched in the first year. Since 2012 the company manufactured more than 2000 motorcycle in its region. The potential production capacity of Ercelik Motorcycle is 50 units of motorcycle per day.

Our mission is to build on our history of product excellence and technology innovation to provide the highest-quality and most reliable products and services to our world-wide customers. For quality assurance all our companies holds the quality standard certifications of TSEK (Turkish Standard Institutions), ISO 9000:9001 – ISO 9001:2008 – ISO 14401:2004 – OHSAS: 1801:2007

Our 3 companies have 30 years experience and well trained 200 employees so our customers can depend on us to be there.